Friday, January 6, 2017

The Cross is the Dividing Line

These are short meditations and brief prayers for building faith for God's healing to manifest. They are inspired by a dear friend who is renewing her mind to the fact that healing is the children's bread. The Lord has impressed it on my heart to send her a daily prayer, and He gives me a new insight every morning as I meditate on His word. I am posting these insights for others who would like to have "Word medication and Intensive Prayer."  I will begin by saying that I do not know all the answers to the mystery of prayer for healing. God has mysteries. God has secrets.
As always, the Number One question when it comes to praying and believing for the sick is this: Why isn't everyone healed? Three common scriptural reasons are: Unbelief,  the traditions of men which make the word of none effect, and ignorance of the word, which includes lack of knowing the authority of the believer.  Unforgiveness is also a blocker. Faith, which works by love, will not activate healing in an unforgiving heart.  All these blockers to healing can be easily overcome by spending time in the Word, renewing the mind, and asking the Holy Spirit for revelation knowledge of these truths.
 As you continue to pray these scriptures, the truth in them will develop faith which comes through hearing the Word. And faith is the evidence of things not seen. You must learn to believe what you do not see yet, until it manifests. By the sun's natural light, people only believe what they see. In the supernatural Son light, we believe first what we do not see, and then the supernatural becomes evident in the natural (Mark 11: 23-24).
Everyone at times will lose a loved one or a church member, while praying with all the faith he has. Even Jesus was not always successful at praying for the  sick. In His own hometown of Nazareth, "He could do no mighty works there because of their unbelief," (Matt. 13:58 and Mark 6:5). However, He did NOT stop praying for the sick. We should follow His example.

Let's start with the day Jesus triumphed over death:

The Cross is the Dividing Line (rightly dividing the Word of Truth ( 2 Tim. 2: 14-26).

I am seeing more victory when praying for healing for myself and others today, NOT because I have any more faith than other believers. I have learned that the Kingdom operates by law, and when I have appropriated those laws, I see things happen.
Here is something the Lord has just shown me. In Numbers 12:13, When Miriam was stricken with leprosy, Moses cried out, "Heal her O god. Heal her now I beseech Thee."
This is what I call a begging prayer. And this is what most believers are taught to pray and do pray. I have prayed this way for years over two of my grandchildren without seeing any victory.
Then I learned a kingdom law.
Moses had to pray based on the law of blessing and cursing in Deuteronomy 28, and Miriam had brought herself under the curse by her disobedience.
The Dividing line between the old and new testaments is the Cross.
In the New Testament, Jesus and the apostles NEVER prayed a begging prayer for healing. You won't find one example. They simply commanded, "be healed. Take up your bed. Walk." This is the prayer of authority. It is based on the fulfillment of the law, which Christ accomplished at Calvary (Rom. 8: 1-2). He set us all free from the curse of the law. He imparts this same authority over the kingdom of darkness to all who believe (Luke 10: 19).
Here are two examples:
A begging prayer:
For years my mother has suffered with continual sinus infections, allergies, and pain from metal rods in her leg. Together we have prayed something like this: "Father, we know you are our Healer. We know that Jesus took stripes on His back for our healing. We ask you to please heal these maladies and pain (if it be your will) in Jesus' Name, amen." We finally did learn to leave out the faith-destroying "If-it be-thy-will," because we discovered healing is His will (111 scriptures declare it). Still she did not have victory over those pains and disorders without taking a lot of antibiotics and suffering side effects from those strong medications.
A prayer of Authority:
Then we learned a kingdom--law that we have authority over our own bodies, so we began to speak directly to those aches, pains, sinuses, and command normalcy in Jesus' Name like this:  "Father first we submit ourselves to You to honor and glorify Your Name. You taught us to rule and reign over the kingdom of darkness in Ephesians 1:21. Sickness is a curse from darkness in Deuteronomy 28. So by the power of the Blood of the Lamb we overcome it! I speak to the body and command it to be normal. I speak to pain, arthritis, disease of any kind, and command it to leave. These curses are not staying on my mother. We do not allow sickness in the temple of the Holy Spirit. I declare the blood covenant over her body. You're not crossing it Satan. Get out in Jesus Name. Praise God."
            Mom was instantly healed, put her walker aside, cooked dinner and drove to town! Praise God.
* * *
Authority you do not use is Victory you will not have
I used to think God postponed Adam's death on the day he sinned. Actually, Adam did die that day. His physical body lived on for 930 years, but his spirit died. That is what Jesus calls death.  His oneness with the Father was broken. He lost his crown of dominion (Psalm 8:5). He lost his garment of light, (Psalm 104: 2; Isa. 61:10;). He was naked and ashamed. He lost that sweet fellowship with God Who had come to walk with him in the garden each day. From that day on, all mankind has been born separated from the Father and spiritually dead (Col. 2:13; Eph. 2: 1-3). Their only way to have any relationship with God was through the blood sacrifice of animals. In Gen. 3:21, God made a garment of animal skin to cover their sin.
When we receive Christ, we are spiritually reborn because of His perfect blood which paid the ultimate price and legally satisfied Heaven's justice. God becomes our spiritual Father (Heb. 12:9). Not only are we cleansed of all unrighteousness, We get back our garment of light (Christ's robe of righteousness, Isa. 61:10), we also get back our dominion which is authority over the god of this world and prince of the power of the air now at work in the sons of disobedience (Luke 10:19).
Authority you do not use is victory you will not have. The first commandment was to be fruitful, multiply and take dominion over the earth. Note. Satan was already there. Adam had the legal right to command him to leave the garden (Gen. 1:26).
Heavenly Father, I thank You for teaching me how to overcome the darkness that tries to steal Your plan for my life. I exercise my authority over the enemy and command him to leave my garden where You walk with me. In the Name of Jesus, I command you Satan to get out! Thank you Jesus for shedding Your blood on the cross for me and restoring my dominion over the earth. Amen.

* * *

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