Monday, December 5, 2011

Authors I know

Hello freinds,
I am so pleased to be able to recommend Rockford author, Joyce Lamb, who writes romantic suspense novels. Many of you don't know that Joyce is the daughter of former investigative reporter and private detective Joe Lamb. I modeled the character of Nate Cash after Joe in my book Shadow in the Rain.
Joe worked the Ted Kuhl case, and was actually on his way to interview two possible witnesses in Chicago, one of them a male stripper, when he died of a sudden heart attack.
I have a copy of Joe's analysis of the case. He was convinced that Ted Kuhl had been wrongfully convicted.
Joe conducted his own ballistics tests and proved to himself that the gunfire had come from across the mall  parking lot while Ted was running and dodging those very bullets.
Ted has been in prison since 1997, convicted on the single testimony of his best friend, Ricky Mueller, who changed his story sixteen times as a matter of court record.
For those of you who know of persons wrongly accused and/ or convicted of a crime, this book is probably somewhat familiar. For those who believe in the criminal justice system, it is a disturbing eye opener.

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