Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kaytie and Dax continue discussion on alien life

Following is an excerpt from the Kaytie Flame trilogy, which will not appear in the book. Kaytie and Dax are characters from my Hidden Dangers Beyond Fantasy books. 

Kaytie and Dax continue their discussion on Alien visitors:

“These so-called alien messengers don’t mind if we think of ourselves as good, loving people. They don’t even care if we believe Jesus is coming again, as long as we think He is coming surrounded by space ships instead of clouds of glory like the angels described in the first chapter of Acts. The messengers want us to believe that Jesus is one of them, an alien being, just like Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius—any venerated religious leader whom they claim was sent to guide and mold our violent natures into peaceful, loving beings.”
Dax mused thoughtfully, “So, if we are created in their image, it follows that these aliens have to be violent beings themselves. Otherwise, how do they explain where mankind got his tendencies toward all the violent and wicked behavior that they want us to abandon?”
“Good question, Dax,” I grinned. Good observation. If they created us, how come our planet is so corrupt?
Thought provoking questions are evidence of thinking instead of blind acceptance—that’s a good thing. Even Jesus did not ask for blind faith from His followers.
Only those people who take the time to read the Bible are equipped with a standard for truth. They can recognize deception. Without Truth, people will fall for anything, even the most preposterous theories.
Dax continued, “However, Kaytie, there are wacky people who use the Bible to defend their own misguided ends.  I’ve been on some of those websites too. They get way too far out on your angle.”
“My angle?”
“The demon and fallen-angel explanation. They want to blame everything on devils.  They claim the Nephilim—the name for the giants before Noah’s flood—are coming to breed with earth women and produce hybrid creatures. These loonies quote scripture and promote all kinds of weird junk.”
He was right. Many people do quote scripture and use it to espouse weird, dangerous and even heretical ideas. I’d have to be careful not to come across like one of them.
“Yes, there are scripture-quoting wackos. But what about the opposite extreme? The scientists?” I suggested. “Some of those guys can be just as weird.”
I directed Dax to another Internet site. “For instance, look here. This awarded German scientist suggests that aliens dumped their waste into our oceans millions of years ago. He says their garbage produced the primordial soup out of which the first amoeba crawled and that's how the evolutionary progression began. In other words, he believes we’re made of space sewage.”

With a giggle I thought of Romans 1:22. ‘Thinking themselves wise, they became fools.’ It takes more faith to believe in that ridiculous theory than to recognize the obvious. Creation shouts that we have a creator.

 Dax chuckled too. “Does he suggest where the earth itself began? Does he try to explain its existence? Astronomers know there had to be a beginning. Einstein knew that. Science alone cannot explain how nothing, nothing, nothing suddenly exploded with a big bang, and . . .  BAM! Everything appeared out of nothing with perfect genetic reproduction systems for all living creatures, plants and animals, on the planet. They expect us to believe this resulted just by random chance? From space gas and dust? Even space dust had to have an origin. Their theory has obvious holes. If aliens seeded earth, where did the aliens come from? Who seeded them?”
He added, “Kaytie you and I both attended universities where the professors tried to train it out of us, but I do believe there is a Creator.”

So he does agree with me about that much!

I said, “It’s interesting to me that the self-proclaimed prophet Rael, who calls his spirit guide Yahweh, believes his alien gods want to have an embassy in Jerusalem." (See

“That seems to fit your antichrist theory rather well. But supposing they are actual fallen angels. Why would they need a space craft to fly around in?”

“Dax, who says they need a space craft? Perhaps they can appear in whatever form they wish. We know that Elisha watched as the prophet Elijah went up in some kind of fiery chariot. Jesus rose up in the clouds and is coming back the same way. If these entities are demons on a mission to deceive us, they wouldn’t show up in red suits, horns, and carry pitchforks. After all, Satan is called the master deceiver of the whole world. Jesus calls him prince of the power of the air. Paul said he could appear as an angel of light and spoke of signs and lying wonders to deceive even the very elect if possible. What do you suppose a lying wonder might look like? Why wouldn’t it look like a space craft if the purpose is to convince the world that there is no Creator and we are just the product of our alien creators?”

His eyes did not register total unbelief, just thoughtful curiosity, so I continued. “The idea of extra-terrestrial life has been around for ages. It seems the perfect vehicle to convince an uninformed population that they can escape the woes on planet earth to a new life in another world and thereby eliminate the need for a Savior.”

I didn’t say it, but I thought it was also an excellent explanation for the Rapture described in I Cor. 15:51-54. There are differing opinions on what that means, and I didn’t want to get into the discussion with Dax. I believe it means the catching away of the church as described again in I Thess. 4:15-18. After all, Satan will need an explanation for the disappearance of millions of people worldwide if he expects the remainder to worship him. What better plan?

“So it’s all just a big hoax planned from eons ago?”

I had to admit, it sounded a little flimsy when he put it that way. “Dax, God has had plans for this planet from the beginning of time. Plans that reached fulfillment at the appointed times in the past, present, and the future. Why wouldn’t Satan imitate God and put his own plans in place in the past, present, and future? He’s wickedly clever.”

Dax answered, “I’ve been reading about him in the gospels. I have to admit, Jesus dealt with him as an actual personality. Jesus would point it out to us if Satan were not real. He wouldn’t tell us to resist him if there was no devil. But where does this evil character get his demon cohorts?”

“Well, if you look at the book of Revelation, chapter 12 describes how the devil and his angels got cast down to earth. A third of God’s angels followed him in his rebellion. Those fallen angels are what we call demons—and they are here on the earth for the purpose of deceiving mankind.”

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kaytie and Dax argue differing views on alien life

Following is an excerpt from the Kaytie Flame trilogy, which will not appear in the book.

Do you believe in alien life visiting this planet?

Kaytie and Dax are characters from my Hidden Dangers Beyond Fantasy books. Voodoo Vanquishing Vixen is now under contract with Clean Teen Publishing. Captivating Cult Crusher is the second book in the trilogy. The third is Devil's Triangle Temptress.
A generation growing up on witchcraft, vampires, werewolves, as entertainment could find this trilogy just as exciting but with an element of truth they surely need. Knowledge rests not on truth alone, but on recognizing error. Some of these errors can be dangerous and even deadly.  

 In their discussion, Kaytie argues that alien beings are not who they claim to be. Dax muttered something about a whole lot of crazies in the world.
“Yes, but not everyone falls into the looney category. You’ve checked out legitimate research sites on UFO reports. After eliminating the wackos, you find thousands of credible people—highly trained Air Force and Navy pilots, skilled seamen—have observed them. And not just since Roswell. We have records of sightings over the centuries.”
Dax said, “Okay. Weed out the loonies. Credible witnesses do exist. I agree. Go on.”
 “Here’s what most convinces me that these encounters are with evil spirits, Dax. The first thing almost every so-called contactee says is that the Bible is wrong.  That tells me where their ‘message’ comes from. Satan tempted Eve with the same message. Lied to her. Questioned God's word and suggested if she chose higher knowledge she would become like God. That’s exactly what these contactees preach. They claim the aliens want us to choose their higher knowledge and become gods like them.”
Dax muttered, “What? They’re telling people to eat from the tree of forbidden fruit?”
“No, no. They’re saying that God’s word is not true. Don’t you see? They must get us to doubt God’s truth before they can deceive us.”
“Go on. I’m listening.”
“Okay. First they discredit the Bible, like Satan did in the garden. Second, they want us to believe there is no Creator. That the human race is genetically engineered by beings from other planets. They usually preach that we are facing mass destruction if we don’t form a one-world government and an all-inclusive, all-embracing religion. If you know anything about the anti-Christ described in the Bible, a one-world-government is part of his master plan.”
“Do you think this antichrist character is an actual person or a system?”

Continued next blog:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why Did Jesus Give His Followers Authority?

What did Jesus give us authority for? Why do we need power over serpents, scorpions, and over  all the power of the enemy?
The Lord certainly gave us this authority. Seems important that we must learn how to exercise it. Wouldn't you agree? 
I know believers who take authority over attacks from the enemy. And yes we do have an enemy who walks about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. When an illness tries to fasten on the body, they don't say, God must be teaching me something because I have done something wrong. They don't accept disease as coming from God at all. Oops! This kind of thinking challenges many who believe everything that happens to them comes from God. Of course we know it does not. The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy--not God. 
These believers say, I resist these lying symptoms in Jesus' Name because He came to make inoperative the works of the devil, and sickness is his work. It steals, kill, and destroys the temple (the body). I refuse to have it.
The symptoms may not leave instantly, but they do leave. I know. I've resisted and seen them go. When the Word (the seed) is rooted, grounded and established in the good soil of a believing heart, it will produce a harvest.
Some will say, I tried this and it didn't work. 
I have said that same thing myself. However, I kept coming back to the Word. 
In consistency lies the key to victory. The more seed you plant, keep it watered, pull out the weeds of doubt, the greater your harvest.

This makes perfect sense. 
The old begging kind of prayers--asking God to do it all for you--are just not compatible with the teaching of the Lord and His apostles.
They never once asked God to heal. Instead they commanded--take up your mat, rise, stretch forth your hand. Study their ministry of healing. See Christ's authority at work. Then begin to walk in it. Your victory is on the way.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The original question Satan used to deceive Eve: Has God said?

He continued to persuade her, saying, "No, He didn't mean that, " 

until he finally convinced her, and she ate of the knowledge of 

good and evil.

Today we see extreme political correctness asking the same 

question. Has God said? Did He really mean what He said in 

Leviticus 18: 22 and 20: 13? Or Romans 1: 27?

If I cannot trust the Lord to mean what He says in even one verse, 

then how can I trust Him at all?

I absolutely do trust Him, because He has shown Himself faithful 

to perform His word miraculously in my life. It is a sure 

foundation, unchanging and settled forever, never to pass away, 

unlike our government.

Do I have the right to redefine God's word? Does the government 

have the right to set their laws above His all-knowing wisdom? To 

say God really didn't mean it, because we have modern neurologists 

who explain that our Creator didn't know what He was talking 

about. That He loves us too much to mean what He said in those passages?

Was God really waiting for medical science to point out His error?

Or does He love us enough to point out ours, so that we can dwell with Him in eternity?

Monday, April 13, 2015

How are we to resist the devil if there isn't one?

James 4: 7 teaches us to resist the devil and he will flee from us. Many churches today do not teach much about that old serpent, Lucifer. Others deny that devils even exist.
Two questions come to my seeking mind:
First, how is a young believer supposed to resist the devil if he doesn't even know there is one?
Second, how can he resist if he doesn't know what comes from the devil and what comes from God?
Will he find himself accepting something bad such as disease or oppression and assuming it is from God? Does he have the authority to resist an illness? 
Most of us know that we must resist blatant sin (the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, the pride of life). That answer seems so obvious. However when you get into the area of what I call excuse-theology, the water gets muddy.
People hear teaching such as God must be teaching you something through this challenge, financial loss,  illness, premature death of a loved one, etc.
Certainly the trials of our faith work patience in us. Yet, if we think bad things come from God, how are we supposed to resist the devil?
Jesus plainly says that the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  That includes much more than just wrong behavior. If it's bad, it's from the devil. 
James tells us that every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of heavenly lights who does not change like shifting shadows.
Jesus came to give life and that more abundantly. If it's good it's from above.
In my next post, we'll talking about submitting to God (to His perfect will) and resisting the devil. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Why do people sometimes lose a miraculous sudden healing?

Blessed Believers,
The Lord has been showing me a few things about why people receive and then lose their sudden miracle healing.
One huge reason is found in the parable of the sower. The fowls of the air come to steal the Word (including the healing) if the seed has not been rooted, grounded, established in the good soil of the believing heart.
That's why many times a prayer for healing the sick is delayed. The Lord wants to person to get that word rooted in his heart so the enemy cannot steal it when he tries to put symptoms back on that person (and he always does). The following comments are from Andrew Wommack.

It was not only the faith of the paralytic that Jesus saw, but also that of his four friends (Mk. 2:3). This demonstrates the effect our intercession in faith can have upon others. Jesus saw their faith. However, although our faith released on behalf of others is powerful, it is not a substitute for their faith. It is simply a help. The person who is to receive the miracle must have some degree of faith, also. Even Jesus could not produce healing in those who would not believe (Mk. 6:5-6). In this instance, it is evident that the paralytic himself also had faith because he was not resistant to the four who brought him; and he got up and obeyed Jesus' command (v. 7) without having to be helped.

Why did Jesus minister forgiveness of sins to this man instead of meeting the obvious need he had of healing? Perhaps because our own awareness of sin causes doubt. Why would God want to heal me, a sinful person. God is more concerned with the spiritual health of a man than his physical health. Or, Jesus, through a word of knowledge, may have perceived that the real heart-cry of this man was to be reconciled to God. In some instances (not all - Jn. 9:2-3), sickness was a direct result of sin. Therefore, Jesus would be dealing with the very root of the paralysis. Whether or not this man's paralysis was a direct result of sin, sin in our life (that has not been forgiven) will allow Satan to keep us in his bondage. Through Jesus' act of forgiving this man's sins, the paralytic was free to receive all the blessings of God, which certainly included healing.

The point Jesus is making is that both forgiveness of sins and the healing of the paralytic are humanly impossible. If Jesus could do one of these things, He could do the other. He then healed the paralytic showing that He did, indeed, have the authority to forgive sins. In Jesus' day, the people were more inclined to accept His willingness to heal than they were to accept His forgiveness of sins without the keeping of the law. Today, the church world basically accepts forgiveness of sins, but doubts His willingness to heal. They were never meant to be separated.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How is my soul different from my spirit?

I once thought my soul and spirit were one and the same. I read the word "heart" and assumed it meant my soul, as in Matthew 12:35, "A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things."

Later I learned we are a tri-une being, created in the image of God, who is also a trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So is our spirit part of our heart? 
I read that sin, iniquity, unbelief, etc., come from the heart but not the born-again spirit. 
One of my favorite ministers says: 

"Hebrews 4:12 suggests that spirit and soul are both part of the heart; hence, the scriptures admonish us to believe with all our heart (Acts 8:37), have singleness of heart (Col. 3:22), and tell us our hearts can have two minds or ways of thinking (Jas. 4:8).

"Even Christians still struggle with things like pride and foolishness which Jesus said came out of our heart. It's certain that our born again spirit is not the source of these sins. The heart encompasses more than our spirit.

"The English word "soul" comes from the Greek word "psuche," translated "heart, life, mind, and soul." The mind is the principle and leading part of the soul, followed by the will and emotions. We could also describe the soul as being the hidden part of all existing beings or what most people would call the personality. The soul is the center of the feelings and emotions, appetites and desires, as well as sense perception and consciousness. The soul may also speak of the totality of a person - his total being or self, a person, and the hidden man or inward man. 

"The soul and the body do not get born again. It is the spirit of man that becomes totally new at salvation. So, although every believer receives the same miraculous spiritual rebirth, the visible results of that inward change will vary from person to person according to how much he renews his mind. The term "heart" can include all of the inner man - spirit, soul, or any portion thereof."

The peace of God will keep your heart at rest in Christ Jesus, through any trial or storm. Pastor Shelia Hart Artt's story, "With a Knife at my Throat, I Saw the Lord" from my book SUPERVENTION is a marvelous example of this truth.