Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm so Excited!

I'm so excited! I just spent two delightful days signing books at Branson's Autumn Daze fest. I shared a booth with the famous Mary Boll, author of MeMa's Manna and two other cookbooks for people like me--kitchen challenged. That cute little lady has cookbooks in every Bass Pro shop from here to Canada!
The third day I shared the booth with dulcimer artist Linda Sartis. Her husband's books are amazing.

I had to explain to passers-by how our fan club was just making so much noise and screaming and shouting that the Festival police asked them to leave the tent. I also said our $600 books were on sale for only $15.
And for another $15 we would throw in the meat hooks that our neighbors were selling like hot cakes.

I'm thinking of writing a cook book for dummies like myself, who once tried to bake a cream pie on the stove burner instead of the oven. Am I the only one who is that dumb?
But for other new brides who are just starting to get kitchen-acquainted, I may offer a little basic advice and maybe even a few actual recipes.
In the meantime, I have had three different publishing houses offer consideration (one of them an actual contract) for my book. Wow!
I'm so excited, like my cat, I don't know whether to scratch up the sofa, or like my dog, puddle by the door step!

Think I'll just whip up one of Mary Boll's recipes instead. How about a low calorie soup?
Sauteed bees knees and hummingbird drum sticks?

Monday, September 3, 2012


I am posting some of my FAVORITE SCENES from fellow writers who have works in progress. The scenes which get the most "Likes" after three months will receive a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble bookstore.