Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kaytie and Dax continue discussion on alien life

Following is an excerpt from the Kaytie Flame trilogy, which will not appear in the book. Kaytie and Dax are characters from my Hidden Dangers Beyond Fantasy books. 

Kaytie and Dax continue their discussion on Alien visitors:

“These so-called alien messengers don’t mind if we think of ourselves as good, loving people. They don’t even care if we believe Jesus is coming again, as long as we think He is coming surrounded by space ships instead of clouds of glory like the angels described in the first chapter of Acts. The messengers want us to believe that Jesus is one of them, an alien being, just like Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius—any venerated religious leader whom they claim was sent to guide and mold our violent natures into peaceful, loving beings.”
Dax mused thoughtfully, “So, if we are created in their image, it follows that these aliens have to be violent beings themselves. Otherwise, how do they explain where mankind got his tendencies toward all the violent and wicked behavior that they want us to abandon?”
“Good question, Dax,” I grinned. Good observation. If they created us, how come our planet is so corrupt?
Thought provoking questions are evidence of thinking instead of blind acceptance—that’s a good thing. Even Jesus did not ask for blind faith from His followers.
Only those people who take the time to read the Bible are equipped with a standard for truth. They can recognize deception. Without Truth, people will fall for anything, even the most preposterous theories.
Dax continued, “However, Kaytie, there are wacky people who use the Bible to defend their own misguided ends.  I’ve been on some of those websites too. They get way too far out on your angle.”
“My angle?”
“The demon and fallen-angel explanation. They want to blame everything on devils.  They claim the Nephilim—the name for the giants before Noah’s flood—are coming to breed with earth women and produce hybrid creatures. These loonies quote scripture and promote all kinds of weird junk.”
He was right. Many people do quote scripture and use it to espouse weird, dangerous and even heretical ideas. I’d have to be careful not to come across like one of them.
“Yes, there are scripture-quoting wackos. But what about the opposite extreme? The scientists?” I suggested. “Some of those guys can be just as weird.”
I directed Dax to another Internet site. “For instance, look here. This awarded German scientist suggests that aliens dumped their waste into our oceans millions of years ago. He says their garbage produced the primordial soup out of which the first amoeba crawled and that's how the evolutionary progression began. In other words, he believes we’re made of space sewage.”

With a giggle I thought of Romans 1:22. ‘Thinking themselves wise, they became fools.’ It takes more faith to believe in that ridiculous theory than to recognize the obvious. Creation shouts that we have a creator.

 Dax chuckled too. “Does he suggest where the earth itself began? Does he try to explain its existence? Astronomers know there had to be a beginning. Einstein knew that. Science alone cannot explain how nothing, nothing, nothing suddenly exploded with a big bang, and . . .  BAM! Everything appeared out of nothing with perfect genetic reproduction systems for all living creatures, plants and animals, on the planet. They expect us to believe this resulted just by random chance? From space gas and dust? Even space dust had to have an origin. Their theory has obvious holes. If aliens seeded earth, where did the aliens come from? Who seeded them?”
He added, “Kaytie you and I both attended universities where the professors tried to train it out of us, but I do believe there is a Creator.”

So he does agree with me about that much!

I said, “It’s interesting to me that the self-proclaimed prophet Rael, who calls his spirit guide Yahweh, believes his alien gods want to have an embassy in Jerusalem." (See

“That seems to fit your antichrist theory rather well. But supposing they are actual fallen angels. Why would they need a space craft to fly around in?”

“Dax, who says they need a space craft? Perhaps they can appear in whatever form they wish. We know that Elisha watched as the prophet Elijah went up in some kind of fiery chariot. Jesus rose up in the clouds and is coming back the same way. If these entities are demons on a mission to deceive us, they wouldn’t show up in red suits, horns, and carry pitchforks. After all, Satan is called the master deceiver of the whole world. Jesus calls him prince of the power of the air. Paul said he could appear as an angel of light and spoke of signs and lying wonders to deceive even the very elect if possible. What do you suppose a lying wonder might look like? Why wouldn’t it look like a space craft if the purpose is to convince the world that there is no Creator and we are just the product of our alien creators?”

His eyes did not register total unbelief, just thoughtful curiosity, so I continued. “The idea of extra-terrestrial life has been around for ages. It seems the perfect vehicle to convince an uninformed population that they can escape the woes on planet earth to a new life in another world and thereby eliminate the need for a Savior.”

I didn’t say it, but I thought it was also an excellent explanation for the Rapture described in I Cor. 15:51-54. There are differing opinions on what that means, and I didn’t want to get into the discussion with Dax. I believe it means the catching away of the church as described again in I Thess. 4:15-18. After all, Satan will need an explanation for the disappearance of millions of people worldwide if he expects the remainder to worship him. What better plan?

“So it’s all just a big hoax planned from eons ago?”

I had to admit, it sounded a little flimsy when he put it that way. “Dax, God has had plans for this planet from the beginning of time. Plans that reached fulfillment at the appointed times in the past, present, and the future. Why wouldn’t Satan imitate God and put his own plans in place in the past, present, and future? He’s wickedly clever.”

Dax answered, “I’ve been reading about him in the gospels. I have to admit, Jesus dealt with him as an actual personality. Jesus would point it out to us if Satan were not real. He wouldn’t tell us to resist him if there was no devil. But where does this evil character get his demon cohorts?”

“Well, if you look at the book of Revelation, chapter 12 describes how the devil and his angels got cast down to earth. A third of God’s angels followed him in his rebellion. Those fallen angels are what we call demons—and they are here on the earth for the purpose of deceiving mankind.”

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