Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kaytie and Dax argue differing views on alien life

Following is an excerpt from the Kaytie Flame trilogy, which will not appear in the book.

Do you believe in alien life visiting this planet?

Kaytie and Dax are characters from my Hidden Dangers Beyond Fantasy books. Voodoo Vanquishing Vixen is now under contract with Clean Teen Publishing. Captivating Cult Crusher is the second book in the trilogy. The third is Devil's Triangle Temptress.
A generation growing up on witchcraft, vampires, werewolves, as entertainment could find this trilogy just as exciting but with an element of truth they surely need. Knowledge rests not on truth alone, but on recognizing error. Some of these errors can be dangerous and even deadly.  

 In their discussion, Kaytie argues that alien beings are not who they claim to be. Dax muttered something about a whole lot of crazies in the world.
“Yes, but not everyone falls into the looney category. You’ve checked out legitimate research sites on UFO reports. After eliminating the wackos, you find thousands of credible people—highly trained Air Force and Navy pilots, skilled seamen—have observed them. And not just since Roswell. We have records of sightings over the centuries.”
Dax said, “Okay. Weed out the loonies. Credible witnesses do exist. I agree. Go on.”
 “Here’s what most convinces me that these encounters are with evil spirits, Dax. The first thing almost every so-called contactee says is that the Bible is wrong.  That tells me where their ‘message’ comes from. Satan tempted Eve with the same message. Lied to her. Questioned God's word and suggested if she chose higher knowledge she would become like God. That’s exactly what these contactees preach. They claim the aliens want us to choose their higher knowledge and become gods like them.”
Dax muttered, “What? They’re telling people to eat from the tree of forbidden fruit?”
“No, no. They’re saying that God’s word is not true. Don’t you see? They must get us to doubt God’s truth before they can deceive us.”
“Go on. I’m listening.”
“Okay. First they discredit the Bible, like Satan did in the garden. Second, they want us to believe there is no Creator. That the human race is genetically engineered by beings from other planets. They usually preach that we are facing mass destruction if we don’t form a one-world government and an all-inclusive, all-embracing religion. If you know anything about the anti-Christ described in the Bible, a one-world-government is part of his master plan.”
“Do you think this antichrist character is an actual person or a system?”

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