Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The original question Satan used to deceive Eve: Has God said?

He continued to persuade her, saying, "No, He didn't mean that, " 

until he finally convinced her, and she ate of the knowledge of 

good and evil.

Today we see extreme political correctness asking the same 

question. Has God said? Did He really mean what He said in 

Leviticus 18: 22 and 20: 13? Or Romans 1: 27?

If I cannot trust the Lord to mean what He says in even one verse, 

then how can I trust Him at all?

I absolutely do trust Him, because He has shown Himself faithful 

to perform His word miraculously in my life. It is a sure 

foundation, unchanging and settled forever, never to pass away, 

unlike our government.

Do I have the right to redefine God's word? Does the government 

have the right to set their laws above His all-knowing wisdom? To 

say God really didn't mean it, because we have modern neurologists 

who explain that our Creator didn't know what He was talking 

about. That He loves us too much to mean what He said in those passages?

Was God really waiting for medical science to point out His error?

Or does He love us enough to point out ours, so that we can dwell with Him in eternity?

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