Saturday, January 10, 2015

Former Satan's Disciple, Part Two

Former Satan's Disciple Johnny White, serving a 50-year sentence for the drive-by shooting death of a young Rockford, Il woman, continues part two of his story, Out With The Old . . 

"Let's get this cell in order. It's isn't my cell or your cell.This is our cell. We both will be makin' sure it's kept clean. We'll swap days on cleaning the floor and walls. When we use the sink or toilet, we wipe it off with that bottle of disinfect. We can't be livin' in no nasty cell.
"Now we only get one shower a week.So for the rest of  the days, we have to bird bath out of the sink.I ain't going to be smelling you around here and you will not be smelling me either. Like they say, cleanliness is next to godliness.You get sheets and a blanket from the C/Os."
  Smoke looked a little disgusted as he glanced at his bedding.        "If that's what you call them. These sheets are covered in all kinds of stains."
   "Well Shorty. That's what the prison system calls a short budget. It's hard to come across the new stuff. But I'm sure I can find something for you next week.These will have to do for now. You got family out there who will send you some money for clothes, cosmetics, your TV, a fan? Anything else you need?"
   Smoke shrugged, "I'm hoping my Moms will lookout for me, or my Baby-mamma," (the popular street term for unwed girlfriends who have illegitimate babies; the plural "Moms" probably refers to other girlfriends).
   "For now, I got some old sweatpants you can use. You can watch my TV whenever you want.There's only a few shows I tend to keep up with. I try to stay in the books. We can't count on these people to
educate us. We have to do that ourselves. Getting a GED is a good start in this place. Read all the books you can.
"So how much time you got, Smoke?"
   With a look of disgust, Smoke answered, "They gave me a ten piece of fifty percent for some lousy drugs."
   "Five years if you stay out of trouble may seem like a long time, Smoke. You're surrounded by guys with a lot of years that add up to life. Also, keep in mind they will have no problem putting their hands on you or taking your life."
   Smoke swaggered, "I'm Alley Boy, Ellis. Ain't no one fixin' to mess with me!"
   "Oh yeah? Don't think your guys will always protect you. You'll learn the truth and hopefully you won't ignore it. Now they're about to run chow in a few, so let's get ready. It's meatballs tonight. So called."
   "Ellis, you'll point  out my boys right?So I'll know where to sit?"
   "Nah. I'm not going to do that. Not my business. In fact, here's some advice. Don't get into anyone's business. Snitching around here will get you killed. You want to go home to your family, right? Do your time, and only your time. 

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