Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Every Man Has Both a King and Fool inside him

My Daughters, Speak To The King, Not The Fool

Every man has both a king and a fool inside him.
A wise minister once said, "The woman who continually reminds her husband of all his foolish choices may one day find him looking through the wedding photos and saying, 'She's right, I do make foolish decisions.' "
While on the run from Saul, David sent ten young men to ask assistance from Nabal, a landowner whose property David had protected by camping with his men nearby. Nabal's disrespectful response infuriated David. (I Sam. 25:10-11). He fumed, "I'll kill this rat and everyone in his house and fields!"
This same David, who would not raise his hand against his worst enemy King Saul, the "Lord's anointed," reacted as a hotheaded fool, with murder in his heart against Nabal.
The man's wife, Abigail, loaded gifts of food and wine and hurried to meet David's men on the road. She bowed low to David and appealed: "I know you are God's appointed king over Israel, and God will bless you, seeing He has stopped your from this bloodshed."
Wise woman.
She spoke not to the fool, but to the king.
David, on the run being pursued like a criminal, relented at once.
Instead, he acted as a king.
When he heard Nabal died ten days after a drunken feast, David gave Abigail a call and said,"Hi Beautiful, how having about dinner with me tonight?"
She soon became Mrs. David.
Wise women follow Abigail's example. They speak to the king in their men instead of the fool.

Wise men soon leave foolish impulses behind. 
Inspired by Mike Murdock

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