Monday, December 5, 2011

Do You Believe

Is there a Hell? Officer Sherri Glover's sudden thrust into a terrifying supernatural expericence began when a gunman fired four bullets through the window of her squad car on April 14, 1993. When the fifth bullet struck her head, she felt her soul leave her body and hurtle down through indescribable darkness.

What she saw and the Mighty Voice she heard are in my newest book "IF God Wants Me Well, Why am I Sick?" available on or Westbow Press. Here is a book for believers, doubters, skeptics, and the faithful--a collection of miracle stories (based on actual interviews) and the scriptures which support them.

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  1. Harriett, Your books are helping people answer so many questions. I am glad to hear that high schools are purchasing them for their students. Keep up the Good Work!